Motorcycle Gift Ideas Under $30

Looking for gift ideas for your favorite biker, or yourself? Buying motorcycle-related products can get expensive in a hurry. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get useful gear. Here are a few ideas for that special rider in your life for less than $30.

(I’ve included Amazon links for all suggestions. These items can be found in many places online. I am not affiliated with Amazon, or any brands, in any way. These are just suggestions that I have personal experience with that have worked for me.)

Ear plugs – Some riders refuse to wear them. Others, myself included, refuse to ride without them. Most of the noise you’re trying to avoid isn’t from the exhaust, it’s wind noise that is most prevalent and causes the most damage.  I always had trouble keeping standard foam earplugs in place while wearing a helmet. Instead of spending a ton of money on custom-fitted earplugs, I found Radians –which are actually custom-fitted ear plugs you make at home! Radians do a surprisingly good job, are inexpensive, and easy to fit at home. (Riding with earplugs may not be legal in all places. Keep this in mind and do some research regarding your riding area.)

Gloves – Another item I can’t ride without. You can spend a ton of money on gloves. There are a lot of inexpensive options, but some of them fall short and leave a lot to be desired. These Polaris gloves provide unexpected quality, and an even more unexpected price. I wound up buying a few pair, because the price will surely be going up! The price has actually gone up since I found them earlier this year, but they are still under $30.

Phone mount – Cell phones can be used for more than just phone calls and text messages. They are handy to keep on your handlebars so you can use them for road navigation. Ram Mounts are the standard, but are above our $30 price point. There are many other options that work fine and are well below $30. I have used the IPow Mount for years and have had no problems.

Float charger – Motorcycle batteries generally don’t last long. Battery maintainers can greatly increase longevity and make sure your battery is always fully charged, which is especially helpful if you park your motorcycle during winter months. There are several brands available for under $30. It’s a great tool to have, and many riders don’t think to buy one for themselves. Surprise your favorite rider with one.

Helmet Cam – Here’s another item that can go for well above our self-imposed $30 limit. But there are many options selling for much less. It depends a lot on what you want to do with one. If you’re looking to make professional videos, spend the money and buy a pro model. If you just want to shoot some video to share with your friends, or reminisce about some previous adventures, a cheap helmet cam is just the ticket.


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