5 Motorcycle Myths vs Reality

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions, half-truths, and out-and-out lies about motorcycles.

Motorcycles have an aura of mystique about them. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of myths about owning and riding motorcycles. Some may be almost true, while others border on ridiculous. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a few motorcycle myths that sit closer to absurd than to reality.

Myth: I’ll save money.

Reality: No, you won’t. Sure, you may get 50+ MPG, but many cars get similar fuel mileage. Then figure in the cost of buying a bike and insurance, and any savings from fuel costs are negated. You’ll still likely have a car anyway, so a bike is an added expense. The money-saving argument is only good for convincing your significant other that buying a motorcycle is a good idea. You won’t save any money, and will actually spend more money once you end up figuring maintenance costs and all the cool gear you’ll end up buying. Deny it all you want, but anyone who owns a motorcycle will strike down the money-saving idea.

Myth: Chicks will dig me.

Seriously? How old are you? It’s unfortunate, but I actually had a conversation with a friend about this recently. He just bought his first motorcycle and was convinced he would garner extra attention from the female of the species. His actual words were, “Dude, my wife is gonna freak. Chicks are gonna dig me and won’t leave me alone!”

You know who is going to be interested in you and your motorcycle? Other dudes with motorcycles!

Myth: I’ll be a badass.

Again, how old are you? You probably watched too many bad motorcycle movies from the ’60s and ’70s. If you weren’t a badass before you bought a motorcycle, you won’t be one just because you bought a motorcycle.

Myth: I live to ride!

Maybe, but probably not. The whole “Live to ride, ride to live” thing was a marketing campaign from Harley Davidson. Seems it was pretty successful, since nearly everyone who has a motorcycle views themselves as a hard-core rider. Some guys absolutely live to ride and will take off on a cross-county excursion at the drop of a hat. For most, the novelty will wear off and the bike will sit in the garage most of the time, with riders venturing out only occasionally to hang out at a local bar. It’s the reason you can find so many low-mileage motorcycles for sale.

Myth: People will think I’m cool.

No one is paying attention to you. If they aren’t interested in motorcycles to start with, they are not going to pay attention to you now and think you are cool. Actually, they may find you annoying for riding up and down the street with your loud exhaust, trying to draw attention to yourself. Others who have motorcycles will notice you and your bike, but that doesn’t make you cool. Remember, if you’re trying to be cool, you’re not!

Most of these myths come from non-riders, or new riders. Those who’ve been in the game for a while typically don’t ride to impress others, and don’t care what others think. They ride what they want, how they want, simply because they want to. Chicks may dig them, people might think they’re cool, and they might even be a badass – but the motorcycle isn’t the reason.

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